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Do you know that Fjordside has it's own magical garden?
Here you can meet friendly trolls. Do you like to get to know them before arrival? If so, you will also be quite prepared before your holiday.
I've created a useful fairy tale book with a story about the fjord trolls that are located in my garden. Fjordside is a Fjordtroll kingdom with Father Finn and his two sons, Fred and Fidle.
The story is amusing for everybody, but a great idea if you like to involve the children when planning where to go. The book is a amazing way of being guided around. You will follow Fred around while he is exploring the area. Fred is as kind as he is tall, and the size of his curiosity is as big as his giant ears. He has been on tour in the human kingdom outside Fjordside's portal. There he has found the most incredible places. If you want to read the story of Fred and go in Fred's footsteps, you can buy the book . It is a book that takes you on an adventure trip in and around Bergen and will only be printed on request for NOK 250.
The book is approx. 60 pages and consists of maps with pictures, description and links. It gives a good overview of what the area can offer.
It is totally my own work using my imagination and it is written in English and Norwegian. I have more than trolls to show you. I do handcraft and paintings which are for your enjoyment and also for sale. If Fred's "faffel" house is finished, you'll find an exhibition there. The house has the strange name because Fred can't say waffle because of his large two front teeth. Do you like to know more? You can check the Fjordside page on facebook. Don't hesitate to contact me and I can send the book to you.

This fairy tale started with a few old trees in my garden.

The trees I’d grown up with had grown up with my grandparents when they were young. Family and trees had lived their lives side by side for many years. When such family trees becomes old, they can turn to trolls instead of old logs.

And this is exactly what happened right outside my house, in my garden!

The garden lays by the fjord and from there it grew to a fjordtroll kingdom. Family and trolls lived right next to one another for many years without knowing it. Well, - like many other truths, this one isn’t entirely correct either. As long someone in the family believed in fairy tales, quite a lot of things happened.

There occurred wonders, curses, frights and even troll-children! This happened right outside our door and close to a completely normal family. To understand what happened, you’ll have to get to know Fred. For this fairy tale begins with the curious Fred who dares to leave the fjordtroll kingdom. Outside he meets a couple of children form the human kingdom.

Fred goes on adventures in Åsane and all the way to the other side of the city.

For a troll who’s never been outside the fjordtroll kingdom with his dad and brother, this is all really scary. How Fred ends up as a hero and manages to break an old curse, you can read about in this little book.

The fairy tale is fitting for children of every age.

The fairy tale provides information on the area in a fun way. Here you’ll get to know about your environments, simply by following Fred’s footsteps. There is also an Norwegian version provided for locals in Norway. This is the English version provided for travellers from outside of Norway. This issue is one that the tourism industry will find to be not only useful, but also enjoyable.


Best regards,

grandmother Rita.

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