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The sea water in the fjords and outlets into the North Sea have plenty of adventure, exercise, excitement and excellent food if you want to try sport fishing. The season is all year, with best temperature/light in the summer and best quality of the catch in winter. Autumn and Spring are good compromises. You will hardly need to drive more than 1 hour from FJORDSIDE to reach excellent spots to start your fishing.

Sport fishing (in the sea) is open for everyone, and there is no fee to participate. Even if sport fishing can be done from shoreside, best result is from boat. Anyhow the trick is to be at the right place, at the right time, with the right gear and equipped with some good luck and plenty of patience.

We at FJORDSIDE also enjoy sport fishing and want to give you our best guidance and recommend the safest and, most likely, the option that will enhance your catch, is to hire a guide with a boat and appropriate gear. This can vary from an open boat to more oceangoing boat with cabin, all depending on what you want to spend.

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Suitable for inshore fishing


Summer Gear



20_boat (2).jpg

Boat with Cabin





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Winter Gear



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